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Although it may not be good for their skin, geeks these days are enjoying a moment in the sun. It’s true, Geeks have inherited the Earth-ready or not. Taking lessons from such classic geeks as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Sheldon Cooper, author Alex Langley provides useful-and awesomely funny-advice every geek needs. This humor handbook helps full-fledged geeks, geeks-in-training and even non-geeks go through daily life with geeky flair, as well as celebrating all things geek. It covers the basics all geeks should know to live life to its fullest, including essential gadgets to waste money on, famous role models to emulate, overcoming social anxieties, essential movies to see and books to read, making friends, and dating. And who knows, you might even get laid. * Over the past few years, a seismic shift has taken place in our culture and what was once hopelessly geeky-video games, superheroes, fantasy novels, science fiction-has now become cool, and geeks themselves are inheriting the Earth. * Includes 14 chapters of geekitude that cover top lists and more in-depth topics, from the Top 5 TV shows to watch with friends, 12 types of players you’ll meet when playing Dungeons and Dragons, great things geeks can study in college, the level of threat different computers will be when they become self-aware and try to kill you, and other things essential to the geek lifestyle, along with humorous illustrations. *


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