Scientists Fight A New Vaccine Misinformation: Aaron Rodgers

This spring, she was auditioning to be the host of “Jeopardy!”. He appears in television commercials for national brands like State Farm insurance almost every day. And Sundays this fall led the Green Bay Packers to a league-best 7-2 record. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is not only the NFL’s reigning most valuable player, but a celebrity […]

Cognitive Therapy Developer Dr. Aaron T. Beck dies at 100

However, he had a different effect on many of his contemporaries. When she first described her approach, Freudian analysts suggested she was “not well-analyzed”, with the ultimate insider’s disdain implying that she wasn’t equipped to understand others because she didn’t fully understand herself in educational therapy. Later, in the 1980s, Dr. Beck has been smitten […]