Force multipliers: accelerating developers through platform software

Since joining Intel in 2010, Kelly has specialized in system software primarily on Linux and Linux-based operating systems, including Chrome and Android. He led teams that developed products ranging from artificial intelligence to pathfinding for Android phones, Ultrabook sensor-based applications and thermal solutions. Career highlights include achieving the highest performing Linux operating system with Clear […]

China accelerating destruction of global order in power grab, US Pacific

China’s ruling Communist Party and People’s Liberation Army are upending the rules-based international order and increasing global efforts to expand power, the US admiral in charge of Pacific forces said in a House session on Tuesday. In his detailed written statement, Commander of the Indo-Pacific Command, Aquilino, discussed China’s strategic and military ambitions to rapidly […]

Tree Planting Is Accelerating. Here’s How It Can Help or Hurt

For example, eucalyptus grows quickly and smoothly, making it a profitable timber product. Native to Australia and several northern islands, its leaves feed koalas, which have evolved to tolerate a strong poison they contain. But in Africa and South America, where trees are grown for timber, fuel and, increasingly, carbon storage, they provide much less […]

Accelerating development in aerospace for more urban mobility

The next wave of aerospace is just around the corner, and a lot of that innovation is happening thanks to new, faster methods of development. “What’s happening now is that companies are trying to understand how they take the lessons from Agile software development and apply those to Agile product development,” explains Dale Tutt, vice […]