Did Student Tracking Software Accuse You of Cheating on a Test?

If you’re a student, educator, or parent, I’m sorry. The pandemic has been an ordeal for schools. While exam time is always tough for students, remote testing often comes with a new kind of pressure: specialized monitoring software that monitors eye movements, listens for whispers, and monitors online activities to keep students alone with their […]

Informant to Accuse Facebook of Contributing to Jan 6 Riot, Memo

“We will continue to investigate – some fair and some unfair,” the note said. “But we also have to keep our heads up.” Here is Mr. Clegg’s full note: POLARATION AND OUR STATUS IN ELECTIONS You may have seen the series of articles published about us in the Wall Street Journal recently and the public […]

US to Accuse China of Hacking Microsoft

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration is expected to formally impeach the Chinese government on Monday. Violating Microsoft email systems According to a senior management official, many of the world’s largest companies are used by governments and military contractors. The United States is preparing to organize a large group of allies, including all NATO members, to […]