New York City pension funds sued Activision over financial records.

Five New York City employee retirement groups that hold shares in embattled video game maker Activision Blizzard are suing Activision, saying the company failed to turn over financial records as the groups tried to investigate whether Activision had secured a fair price in its planned sale. to Microsoft. The lawsuit, filed in Delaware state court, […]

Federal labor board says Activision employees can form a union

A federal labor board announced on Friday that a group of about 20 quality assurance workers Trying to syndicate at Activision BlizzardThe beleaguered video game company has met the requirements to hold a union election. In a 27-page decision, Jennifer Hadsall, regional director of the National Labor Relations Board, disagreed with Activision’s argument that the […]

Activision Says It Will Collaborate With Insider Trading Investigations

Activision Blizzard set as video game maker Sold to Microsoft for $70 billionIn a legal filing Friday, the company said it would cooperate in an investigation into whether some of its investors had engaged in insider trading before the deal was announced. The company said it received a request for information from the Securities and […]

Microsoft Launches Attraction Attack To Pass Activision Agreement

Microsoft on Wednesday launched a lure attack in Washington to seek government approval for the $70 billion deal. buy video game company Activision BlizzardHe said that he would not grant privileges to his own games in app stores. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella and chairman Brad Smith said at a press conference in Washington that they […]

Why Microsoft Wants Activision – The New York Times

While it may seem like it is distancing itself from Sony, Microsoft’s acquisition could strengthen its position relative to other deep-pocketed tech giants like Amazon, Tencent, and Google, which have all shown their intention to invest more in the lucrative gaming business. Buying Activision is “partially defensive” because “you’re doing it so others don’t buy […]

Gamers Welcome Microsoft’s Activision Deal With Protected Optimism

Activision’s track record with some of its games has also become more prominent. It delayed new releases of Diablo and Overwatch in November. That same month, the newly released Call of Duty: Vanguard was widely criticized for being boring and full of bugs. Parris Lilly, a video game publisher and co-host of Gamertag Radio, said […]

Microsoft Bet On The Future With Activision

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. Here is a collection past columns. Microsoft makes a big bet on video games, and even if you’re like me and don’t really play them, they’re worth considering. Microsoft said on Tuesday Activision would buy BlizzardMakes video games like Candy Crush and Call of Duty. Microsoft […]

Microsoft To Buy Activision Blizzard For About $70 Billion

SEATTLE — Microsoft said Tuesday it plans to buy powerhouse but troubled video game company Activision Blizzard for around $70 billion, betting video games will become an increasingly central part of people’s digital lives. The biggest blockbuster acquisition ever for Microsoft and the gaming world would have catapulted the company into a leading spot in […]

Microsoft To Buy Activision Blizzard For About $70 Billion

The transaction could be seen as a victory for Activision’s long-time CEO Bobby Kotick, and some critics have sought to dispel that controversy. Mr. Kotick negotiated a huge premium for investors – Microsoft is paying $95 per share, about 45 percent above his company’s share price before the announcement – and will continue to run […]

Microsoft buys game maker Activision Blizzard for approximately $70 billion

Microsoft pays around $70 billion for Activision BlizzardThe maker of Candy Crush and Call of Duty is looking for an edge in the highly competitive businesses of mobile gaming and virtual reality technology. All-cash $68.7 billion deal will change MicrosoftThe maker of the Xbox gaming system has grown into one of the largest video game […]