Barack Obama Returns to COP26 with Call for Activism

GLASGOW — Former President Barack Obama, who helped sign the Paris climate agreement six years ago, showed up at the climate summit here to reassure a global audience that officials are sticking to the cause despite American political divisions. “Politics in the US is not always easy,” he said. “Perhaps my successor wasn’t as interested […]

The leader of the Apple activism movement said he was fired.

The leader of an activist movement within Apple said he was fired by the company on Thursday. Janneke Parrish, program manager of Austin, Texas-based Apple Maps and one of the two leaders of a group calling itself AppleToo, had been suspended for several days while Apple investigated its activities. On Thursday, he said an Apple […]

Video: How cheap renewables and increased activism are changing the climate

If the measures are passed with anything close to their current form, it will mark the first major climate laws in the country. Most notably, it includes the Clean Electric Performance Program (read our previous comment), which uses payments and penalties to encourage utilities to increase their share of electricity from carbon-free sources. Here). Other […]