Activist’s New Brand Targets Ukraine War and Climate Crisis,

BRUSSELS – President of France, Emmanuel Macron, had just finished his speech at a major conference on Europe. Little did he know that the two young women at the back of the room were watching him closely as he lingered on stage and took pictures with the fans. “No metal barriers,” Dominika Lasota whispered. “Now […]

Malaysia’s LGBTQ activists and 4Chan’s toxic AI

Vile online harassment turned into accusations that he would blame for the outbreak of covid-19 in Malaysia, death threats and eventually being arrested and charged with “insulting Islam”. Earlier this year, he fled to Australia to avoid a court hearing. While Nur Sajat’s story is by far the highest profile, it is just one of […]

Meet LGBTQ activists fighting to be themselves online in Malaysia

Many online attacks against Malaysian LGBTQs begin with other social media users (although some suspect that political or religious groups can help coordinate them). Individual threats can escalate. For example, when a social media post or account is deemed “insulting Islam” and reported to the police, the poster may face state surveillance, arrest and prosecution. […]

Anti-abortion activists gather the data they will need

Identification of license plate information redacted by MIT Technology Review.HEATHER MOBLEY / CHARLOTTE FOR CHOICE Although news reports at the time framed this tracking as a new tactic, it goes back decades. A 1993 article from Buffalo News He cites several accounts from clinicians and clients of abusive phone calls from anti-abortion activists that appear […]

How the war turned the lives of climate activists in Russia upside down

Raising climate awareness under an authoritarian government is lonely and dangerous. But Arshak Makichyan, a young activist from Russia, deeply believed in this. For years, he stood alone in Moscow’s squares, carrying banners to protest climate inaction, speaking at conferences and building a social media following. He was detained several times by the police. It […]

Activists target Russians with open-source ‘protest software’

But code has also been added to node.ipc that finds its users and deletes files if they are located in Russia or Belarus. malicious code on March 15, by virtue of To Liran Tal, a researcher at cybersecurity firm Snyk. The new code was hidden within base64 encoded data, which would make it harder to […]

Activists use ads to sneak real news about Ukraine to Russians

Most of the ads are run by the “news and media website”. Ukrainian Warothers are managed by a “social media agency” Safe Ukraine. They contain emotional videos Captive Russian soldiers who tearfully called their families home to reveal the truth of what war was like, along with texts urging Russians to raise their voices against […]

Online activists trick Ottawa’s anti-vaccine convoy protesters

Leo saw this as a way to combat what he believed to be the inadequate response of the local police, which he believed often sided with the protesters. He asked Ottawa city councilman Shawn Menard to share the link on his Twitter feed to promote the map and get his neighbors to input information. Menard […]

Shell Withdraws from Cambodia Oil Field Targeted by Climate Activists

Royal Dutch Shell He said on Thursday that the government has decided not to invest in a British oil development off the coast of Scotland, which has become a test of their environmental identity. area known as Cambodiais in deep waters northwest of the Shetland Islands. It is seen as a harbinger for Britain’s declining […]

Speaking on behalf of the Leery Climate Activists, Vanessa Nakate said:

GLASGOW – Vanessa Nakate, a Ugandan climate activist, said at the United Nations climate summit on Thursday that she and her colleagues do not believe in the promises made by ministers, companies and banks this week to act aggressively on climate change. But they want. “Actually, I’m here to beg you to prove us wrong,” […]