How Are #Vanlifers Adapting to Rising Gas Prices?

Britt Ruggiero and Justin Giuffrida purchased a 2002 Bluebird school bus in February 2021 and plan to convert it into a 30-foot wheelhouse. At that time, diesel fuel prices averaged in their home state of Colorado. $3 per gallonsame as the national average. The engaged couple, who just started #vanlife’s nomadic lifestyle, emptied the bus […]

How Is the Animal World Adapting to Climate Change?

Take, for example, the so-called escalator to extinction, a phenomenon as sad as it is insidious. Like all land-dwelling species, temperature and humidity patterns change with altitude. On a warming planet, these animals and plants, which have adapted to certain altitudes, are forced to ascend to higher altitudes until they reach the top and disappear […]