Parliament Passes Bill Adding Billions to Research to Compete With China

WASHINGTON — The House on Friday passed a law that would pour nearly $300 billion into scientific research and development and support domestic production, sparking a dispute with the Senate on how best to invest in scientific innovation to strengthen American competitiveness and counter China. The 222-210 vote on the 2,900-page bill that sprung up […]

West Virginia Leads US in Flood Risk Adding to Manchin’s Climate

FARMINGTON, W. Va. — In Senator Joe Manchin’s flood-prone hamlet of nearly 200 homes hugging a bend in a shallow creek, the rain is getting worse. These storms swell the river, called Buffalo Creek, and flood the homes on its shores. They blew the streams running down the hills on either side of this old […]

Democrats Consider Adding Carbon Tax to Budget Bill

Miss Cinema refused to comment on the ongoing negotiations, as she had done for weeks. When asked what revenue measures he would adopt, a senator said he believed he could agree with a tax on carbon emissions and a tax on goods from countries that did not cut their own greenhouse gases. The second tax, […]