Responsible adoption of AI in a cloud environment

Thank you for joining us on “Cloud hub: From cloud chaos to clarity”. The transformative potential of algorithmic systems, the reach of their impact, combined with the inadequacy of control can pose certain reputational, financial and ethical risks. Responsible AI is required to provide assurance to users and build continued trust in AI-based systems. click […]

Hybrid cloud adoption requires a holistic cybersecurity stance

This is the second article in a series of three articles. The first focused on the importance of making businesses more future-proof and how to overcome common barriers to digitization.. We also discussed how modernizing on-premises infrastructure can best be managed through hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) as part of a hybrid cloud approach and modernization that […]

Hybrid cloud adoption challenges find answers at HCI

Christine McMonigal is director of hyperconverged marketing at Intel Corporation. With more options to evaluate in a complex environment, emergencies to respond to, and complexities to understand, the need for businesses to move forward in their digital journey has never been more urgent. Changing demands, fueled in part by the covid-19 pandemic, have created the […]