Social media beaten by questions about ads

Social media has had a tough 2022 with longstanding questions about ad spending, political advertising, and a $44 billion takeover of Twitter, depending on which Elon Musk tweet you read. Then, late on Monday, Snap, which runs its Snapchat app with disappearing messages and video special effects, issued a pretty serious profit warning saying that […]

Arizona governor urges tech companies to block smuggling cartel ads

Sebastian Gamino-Solis, who was caught with five illegal immigrants in his BMW this month, told a Border Patrol officer that he was responding to an ad looking for drivers while trolling. Facebook. He needed to find some work and exchanged information. Then the phone call came: he was going to a park in Chula Vista, […]

Google doesn’t enforce its own ban on tracking software ads

While it’s illegal to install tracking software on an adult’s phone in the US, marketing such apps is legal. Although many companies display disclaimers on their websites stating that their software is for legal purposes only, there have been a handful of convictions for installing spyware on adults’ devices. Last September, the Federal Trade Commission […]

Netflix Tells Employees Ads Could Coming by the End of 2022

Netflix can promote low-priced ad-supported tier The company said in a recent memo to employees that it has a faster timetable for the end of the year than originally stated. In the memo, Netflix executives said they’re aiming to introduce the ad tier in the last three months of the year, according to two people […]

Elon Musk Hates Ads. Twitter Needs Them. This Could Be a Problem.

“i hate advertisingElon Musk tweeted in 2019. since you started chasing $44 billion acquisition From Twitter – and years before that – the richest man in the world made it clear that advertising is not a priority. He talked about making money from Twitter in other ways, for example charging some users to be on […]

Google reports 3.4 billion ads removed, 5.6 million advertisers launched

Google said Wednesday it blocked more than 3.4 billion ads and suspended 5.6 million advertiser accounts in 2021 as part of new efforts to fight disinformation and fraud. Data from Google’s “Ad Safety Report 2021” clarified The scale of the ad giant’s policing efforts and how it’s cleaning up conversations it doesn’t like on its […]

Twitter bans ads that contradict science on climate change

BERLIN — Twitter is reflecting a policy already in place at Google by saying it will no longer allow advertisers who reject scientific consensus on climate change on its site. “Ads should not distract from important conversations about the climate crisis,” the company said in a statement outlining its new policy on Friday. There was […]

Netflix aims to reduce password sharing and bring ads

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — An unexpectedly sharp drop in subscribers has made Netflix consider changes to its service it has long resisted: minimizing password sharing and creating a low-cost, ad-supported subscription. Announced late Tuesday, the upcoming changes are designed to help Netflix regain the momentum it lost last year. While big-pocket competitors such as Apple […]

Pinterest Bans Climate Misinformation from Posts and Ads

The company said Wednesday it will ban ads and posts containing climate-related misinformation in its latest attempt to block harmful content on Pinterest’s virtual pinboard service. The ban includes any content that denies the existence or effects of climate change or denies that humans affect global warming and that the phenomenon is supported by scientific […]

Activists use ads to sneak real news about Ukraine to Russians

Most of the ads are run by the “news and media website”. Ukrainian Warothers are managed by a “social media agency” Safe Ukraine. They contain emotional videos Captive Russian soldiers who tearfully called their families home to reveal the truth of what war was like, along with texts urging Russians to raise their voices against […]