Mapping the atmosphere on Mars can help advance science on our own

The Hope probe has three main objectives, the first is to understand the lower Martian atmosphere and its weather and climate. Yousuf continues, “The second objective is to correlate the lower atmosphere conditions with the upper atmosphere to explain how weather changes the escape of hydrogen and oxygen. And the final objective that we have […]

Scientists advance cloud-seeding capabilities with nanotechnology

Dr. Zou leads a groundbreaking research project using nanotechnology to develop cloud-seeding materials. Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification that mimics what naturally occurs in clouds but enhances the process by adding particles that can stimulate and accelerate the condensation process. However, Dr. Zou explains, “The cloud-seeding materials used today have been around […]

China competition bill to advance to final negotiations

this Senate By advancing a long-delayed bill to encourage the US production of microprocessor chips to better compete with China, it is poised to push the law forward and embark on a tough round of negotiations with China. House. President Biden has pressured Congress to quickly pass comprehensive legislation, but there are key differences between […]