Want an Affordable Gadget? Good luck.

Americans have fallen in love with sleeker smartphones, televisions, laptops and cars by choice or necessity. Companies that do this are trying to assess whether the shift to luxury is a temporary phenomenon or the new normal. Some relevant statistics from 2021: One in four smartphones sold worldwide last year were higher-priced devices, the largest […]

Amazon will build affordable housing near public transport stops

SEATTLE (AP) – Amazon On Tuesday, it said it would spend more than $120 million building affordable housing units close to nearby transit stations. Seattle and Washington DC, the latest example of a tech company trying to appeal to critics of the affordable housing crisis, says the industry is getting worse. Amazon He said he’s […]

Affordable housing that raises the bar

Daryl J. Carter, March ’81, SM ’81, who grew up in the predominantly Black neighborhood of Core City on Detroit’s west side, was still common in the ’60s and ’70s, when red-line practices were still commonplace. The Federal Housing Administration and private banks have cemented generations of economic hardship by refusing to provide low-interest loans […]