An Afghan Coding Bootcamp Becomes a Lifeline Under Taliban Rule

Four months after the Afghan government fell to the Taliban, 22-year-old Assad Asadullah had become accustomed to a new routine. In his hometown of Samangan province in northern Afghanistan, the former computer science student started and ended each day with his laptop glued to his screen. Since the end of October, Asadullah has been attending […]

This is the true story of abandoned Afghan biometric databases.

According to Jacobsen’s book, AABIS aimed to cover 80% of the Afghan population by 2012, or about 25 million people. While there is no public information on how many records this database currently contains, and neither the contractor that manages the database nor officials from the US Department of Defense responded to requests for comment, […]

Hackers breached Afghan government in spying campaign on China,

According to cybersecurity firm Check Point, Chinese-speaking hackers breached the Afghan government to infiltrate the country’s national security leadership in a targeted espionage campaign. The hacking campaign started as long ago as 2014. companyHeadquartered in California and Israel. Details of the campaign, announced on Thursday, are emerging as Chinese cyberespionage and influence operations are gaining […]