Afghanistan drone strikes proved unsuccessful

But what the gossip and columnists didn’t mention was that the real surprise was not Hakkani’s public appearance—in fact, he did: Many times over the past two decades, the U.S. military thought they had killed him. him in drone attacks. Clearly Hakkani is alive and well. But this raises a glaring question: If Khalil ur-Rahman […]

Health Services Collapse in Afghanistan, Aid Groups Warn

The WHO’s regional emergency director for the Eastern Mediterranean region, Dr. “It is terrible timing for this to happen when we are currently facing a situation where human needs are heightened,” said Richard Brennan. Routine healthcare, including cesarean section, polio, tuberculosis, tetanus and measles vaccinations, tuberculosis, malaria, HIV diagnosis and treatment, childhood nutrition, surgeries and […]

A New Type of Crisis: War and Warming Collide in Afghanistan

But climate change is also a threat multiplier for the Taliban. Analysts say water management will be critical to its legitimacy among Afghan citizens, and it will be one of the most important issues in the Taliban’s relations with their neighbors. Throughout history, water has been an important currency in the Afghan war zone, as […]

How the Taliban Could Use Social Media to Tame Afghanistan

Last Friday, he circulated pictures and videos of militia leaders looking relaxed and relaxed with Ismail Khan, a prominent local commander and anti-Taliban, when Taliban forces captured the key city of Herat. The message was clear, Mr. Sayed said: “If we can treat our worst enemy Ismail Khan with such respect, there will be no […]

Afghanistan Foreign Policy of Technology Companies

This is a preview of the On Tech With Shira Ovide newsletter, now reserved for Times subscribers. Sign up to receive it in your inbox Three times a week. Almost Taliban regain power in Afghanistan, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other big internet companies are faced with a disturbing decision: what to do about the online […]

80 People Died in Afghanistan Flood – The New York Times

KABUL, Afghanistan – At least 80 people were killed and hundreds more went missing in floods late Wednesday night in a Taliban-controlled area in eastern Afghanistan. The flood swept most of the village in Nuristan Province, destroyed about 200 homes and caught many of the residents off guard as they slept. On Thursday night, villagers […]