Robot dogs looking for new homes in US military and security agencies

Robot dogs find new homes in Washington’s security establishment as a Philadelphia-based firm builds new military companions to keep service members and other personnel out of danger. Ghost Robotics showcased its four-legged creatures at a military show in DC this week. The firm recently hired lobbyists and was seen performing demonstrations in Northern Virginia. Robot […]

US Intelligence Agencies, Origin of Virus May Be Dark

WASHINGTON — American intelligence agencies are unlikely to draw any firm conclusions about the origin of the new coronavirus without more information on the earliest cases from China or new scientific discoveries about the nature of the virus, according to a new US secret intelligence report. Friday. President Biden instructed the country’s intelligence agencies in […]

US Agencies Are Most Worried About These Climate Threats

WASHINGTON – Less food. More traffic accidents. Extreme weather is hitting nuclear landfills. Immigrants flock to the United States, fleeing an even worse disaster in their home country. These scenarios, once dystopian fiction, now drive American policymaking. Under President Biden’s orders, senior officials in every government agency have spent months thinking about the biggest climate […]

US intelligence agencies gave Biden a report on the virus

According to US officials, the director of national intelligence gave a report to President Biden on the origins of the coronavirus outbreak on Tuesday, but the country’s spy agencies have yet to come to a conclusion as to whether the disease was the result of an accidental leak from a laboratory. It arose naturally by […]

US government agencies plan to increase facial care

Ten agencies, including the Departments of Justice, Defense, Homeland Security, and Government, are also working on research and development in this area. The agencies’ goals differed, but some reported that they were investigating the well-documented biases of many facial recognition systems. For example, the Department of Justice has studied the relationship between skin tone and […]

Law enforcement, national security agencies deploy technology companies in cyberspace

The US government has hired private tech companies, including Amazon, Google, and more. Microsoft assisting law enforcement and national security communities in their battle against hackers and ransomware attacks. NS Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said on Thursday it has taken a leading role in establishing the Joint Cyber ​​Defense Cooperation, which will […]

The ‘vast majority’ of federal agencies’ information security programs

A Senate report released Tuesday found that “the vast majority of federal agencies” have ineffective information security programs that put critical government data at risk from being exposed. Inspectors general of agencies that evaluate the federal government’s cybersecurity gave the largest agencies an overall grade of C-, from A to F, according to the Senate […]

‘PrintNightmare’ vulnerability prompts CISA to order federal agencies

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has ordered government agencies to take immediate action against the emerging Microsoft Windows vulnerability known as “PrintNightmare”. CISA issued an emergency directive Tuesday requiring all federal civil enforcement agencies to disable the “print spooler” service on Windows computers by midnight Wednesday. Agencies covered by the directive have […]

Spy Agencies Turn to Scientists as they grapple with mysteries

But recent intelligence challenges have required a different spectrum of scientific expertise, including some areas where institutions have invested less resources over the years. “This is a really interesting moment when some of the Cold War interests national security interests shifted,” said Sue Gordon, a former senior intelligence official. “Priorities are changing now.” Faced not […]

Intelligence agencies detail alleged ‘brute-force’ hacking methods

Russian military intelligence has run a “brute-force” cyber campaign that lasted at least a year and a half, targeting cloud and network services of US and global organizations, American and British intelligence agencies said on Thursday. According to a cybersecurity consultant, the cyber campaign went after government and military organizations, political parties and consultants, think […]