US intelligence says Russia sent agents to Ukraine to prepare

U.S. intelligence officials determined that a Russian effort had begun to create a pretext for their troops to invade. UkraineThe White House said on Friday. Biden management press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters intelligence findings showed Moscow Pre-positioned operators to conduct a “false flag operation” in the East Ukraine. He said Russia also paved the […]

US Homeland Security agents to test use of body cameras

WASHINGTON (AP) — Agents with an investigative unit Department of Homeland Security Officials said Tuesday they will be wearing body cameras for the first time as part of a six-month pilot program that will focus on the costs and benefits of using the technology in federal law enforcement. One official told reporters that the cameras […]

US accuses Chinese secret police agents of illegal dissidents

The Justice Department on Thursday indicted nine people, including Chinese nationals and an American private detective, on charges of being part of a terrorist organization. Chinese Government The covert operation called “Fox Hunt” that forcibly repatriates opponents of the Beijing regime. Nine people were charged with acting as illegal agents. ChineseConspiracy and illegal pursuit of […]