New FTC Majority Gives Lina Khan a Chance to Push an Aggressive Player

WASHINGTON — The approval of a third Democrat to the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday broke the partisan stalemate at the agency. good news for this lina hanhead of the agency and a Democrat. It is also a test. With the FTC’s new Democratic majority coming with the approval of Alvaro Bedoya, the fifth commissioner […]

California Recall Vote May Weak State’s Aggressive Climate

Follow our latest updates at California Recall Election and Governor Newsom. California has long been a leader in the fight against global warming, with more solar panels and electric cars than anywhere else in the nation. But the state’s ambitious climate policies are now facing the biggest showdown ever. Voters in California are deciding whether […]

Europe Plans Aggressive New Laws to Eliminate Fossil Fuels

All eyes are on the targets set by the USA and China, which currently produce the largest share of greenhouse gases, and more importantly on how they will achieve these targets. China and India They publicly criticized the idea of ​​a carbon cap tax. Japan is not enthusiastic. And the United States said it was […]