WHO chief Becerra press Congress to pass global virus aid

As lawmakers prepare to bypass town without offering any funding to President Biden’s latest plan to fight the virus abroad, the head of the World Health Organization has urged Congress to continue its support for vaccine programs and other global health efforts. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus praised the United States for being the largest […]

Cash Aid to Poor Moms Improves Brain Function in Babies, Study

The question of whether cash assistance helps or harms children is central to social policy. Progressives argue that poor children need an income base, citing research showing that even short periods of childhood can lead to lower adult earnings and worse health. Conservatives say unconditional payments erode work and marriage and increase poverty in the […]

How Technology Helps Poor People Get Government Aid

Sometimes barriers to help are deliberately created. When Florida’s unemployment system was unresponsive at the start of the pandemic, Governor Ron DeSantis told CBS Miami last year its predecessor’s administration designed it to drive people away. “He was like, ‘Let’s put up a lot of pointless roadblocks along the way, so people just say, dammit, […]

How $4 Trillion Covid Aid Is Funding the Flood Future?

infrastructure, to conjure up makes images of potholes and rusty water pipes, often overlooked; politicians would rather be associated with cutting lanes than maintaining systems. Paradoxically, this means that big jumps in American infrastructure often result from moments of great lack: the bigger the crisis, the greater the potential investment. The Great Depression led to […]

A Government Hotline May Be A Barrier To Aid To Death For Terminal Patients

“When you’re in pain, fifteen days are everything,” said Kim Callinan, president and CEO of Compassion & Choices, which promotes change. “Law-abiding people are hitting roadblocks and barriers.” For example, in 2016, Youssef Cohen, a political scientist at New York University, took the extraordinary step of using Oregon law when he was dying of mesothelioma […]

Rich World’s $100 Billion Climate Aid Promise Forward

Money that should have been on the table last year will most likely be on the table next year. The result of diplomatic efforts announced Monday is $100 billion a year to help poor countries address climate change. It’s been more than a decade since the United States announced it would enable the industrialized world’s […]

Hearing Aid for Everyone

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. Here is a collection past columns. My colleagues and I write a lot about the failures of government and the horrors of technology. But this week we have good news. On Tuesday, the Food and Drug Administration began the process to create a new drug category […]

Military units track guns using tech that could aid foes

Determined to keep track of their guns, some U.S. military units have turned to a technology that could let enemies detect troops on the battlefield, The Associated Press has found. The rollout on Army and Air Force bases continues even though the Department of Defense itself describes putting the technology in firearms as a “significant” […]

The Secret War Over Pentagon Aid in Fighting Wildfires

In July, as wildfires tore through the American West, President Biden met with the region’s governors to find better ways to battle the flames. Gov. Gavin Newsom of California requested use of military satellites that are designed to warn of missile attacks, calling the orbital fleet “a game changer” for spotting and fighting wildfires. Mr. […]

Health Services Collapse in Afghanistan, Aid Groups Warn

The WHO’s regional emergency director for the Eastern Mediterranean region, Dr. “It is terrible timing for this to happen when we are currently facing a situation where human needs are heightened,” said Richard Brennan. Routine healthcare, including cesarean section, polio, tuberculosis, tetanus and measles vaccinations, tuberculosis, malaria, HIV diagnosis and treatment, childhood nutrition, surgeries and […]