Aging clocks aim to predict how long you will live

Most aging clocks estimate a person’s biological age based on patterns of epigenetic markers, specifically chemical tags called methyl groups that are layered on DNA and affect how genes are expressed. The pattern of this methylation at thousands of sites in DNA appears to change as we age, although it’s not clear why. Some clocks […]

Regulators aim to rewrite rules for major mergers.

WASHINGTON — Senior federal antitrust officials on Tuesday announced that they are reviewing how they have approved mergers and acquisitions in a broad effort to strengthen enforcement and stem the volatility of corporate consolidation, particularly in high-tech. Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan and Justice Department antitrust head Jonathan Kanter said they wanted to rewrite […]

Virginia Democrats Aim To Block Trump’s EPA Chief From State Agency

WASHINGTON — A rare confirmation battle is brewing around the nomination of Andrew Wheeler, who heads the Environmental Protection Agency under President Donald J. Trump, to assume a similar role in a new Republican state administration in Virginia. Democratic leaders have said they will seek to prevent Mr Wheeler from being responsible for conservation programs, […]

Amazon Workers in Staten Island Aim for Union Voting

In a tent next to the Staten Island bus stop, four plastic tubs contain piles of cards with valuable signatures: the signatures of more than 1,700 hourly Amazon employees. The cards read, “I, the undersigned, authorize Amazon Labor Union to represent me for collective bargaining.” The Commitments are the result of six months of organization […]

Start-Ups Aim Beyond the World – The New York Times

When Lisa Rich made a phone call with investors in March to raise money for the Aurvandil Acquisition, a company that acquires startups focused on space technology, her goal was to bring in several million dollars. Aurvandil’s board member, Ms. Rich, arrived at her destination in almost an hour. “This won’t happen,” he said, laughing. […]