What You Need to Know About Face Recognition at Airports

While Americans are traveling more comfortably during the pandemic, international travelers can find a new identity system used by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) when they return home: biometric facial recognition. Following a directive by Congress’ 9/11 Commission to improve border security using biometrics, CBP began ramping up the technology in a program […]

FAA Says It’s Reached an Agreement on 5G Service at Airports

The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday it has reached an agreement with Verizon and AT&T on a way to expand 5G cellular service and allow more planes to land safely at airports around the country and cool a heated dispute between wireless providers and airlines. At issue were concerns from airlines and the FAA that […]

Verizon, AT&T delays launch of 5G service near some airports, fears

Verizon and AT&T announced Tuesday that they will delay the deployment of 5G near some airports after the airline industry warned of “catastrophic disruptions” to flights if telecommunications moves forward with full rollout of the service on Wednesday. The two companies said they would work with regulators to allay fears that airlines’ 5G signals would […]

Cities Looking for a Place for Solar Farms Find Places at Airports

“The government is promoting the development of renewable energy such as solar and wind through tax credits and accelerated depreciation,” said Miriam S. Wrobel, senior director of FTI Consulting in San Francisco. “Often, public entities such as airports cannot enjoy tax benefits, so third parties own the assets and sell the generated energy to the […]