I Used AirTags, Tiles and a GPS Tracker to Track Everything My Husband

I decided to examine both claims by placing three AirTags, three Tiles, and a GPS tracker on my husband and his belongings to see how accurately he revealed his movements and discovered which ones. In some states, including New York, where we live laws to criminalize such things. Not wanting to break the law or […]

Are Apple AirTags Used To Track People And Steal Cars?

One Sunday night in September, Ashley Estrada was at a friend’s house in Los Angeles when she received a strange notification on her iPhone: “AirTag Detected Near You.” AirTag is a 1.26 inch disc with location tracking capabilities. Apple It went on sale earlier this year as a way to “track your stuff.” 24-year-old Ms. […]

Can Apple’s AirTags Find Lost Pets?

This article, In the technology bulletin. you can register here to pick up on weekdays. Today we’ll hear from Kaitlyn Wells, a writer at Wirecutter, a product recommendation site for The New York Times. The panic that occurs when a pet goes missing is something no dog or cat owner would want to experience. If […]