Clearview AI’s hefty fine and countries’ monkeypox preparation

Controversial facial recognition company Clearview AI He was fined more than $10 million by the UK’s data protection watchdog for collecting the faces of UK citizens from the web and social media. The firm has also been ordered to delete all data it holds about UK citizens. The move by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office […]

This riding astronaut is a milestone in AI’s ability to do.

Please consider to support MIT Technology Review journalism subscribe to. Diffusion models are trained on completely distorted images with random pixels. They learn to return these images to their original state. No images available on DALL-E 2. So the diffusion model takes random pixels and, driven by CLIP, transforms it into a brand new image […]

An endlessly refreshing playground teaches AIs how to multitask

During practice, players first encounter simple single-player games such as finding a purple cube or placing a yellow ball on a red ground. They move on to more complex multiplayer games, such as hide and seek or capture the flag, where teams compete to find and capture their opponent’s flag first. The playground manager does […]