This Ink Is Alive and Made Entirely From Germs

Dr. “Imagine creating buildings that heal themselves,” Datta said. Dr. The best analogy, according to Joshi, would be a seed turning into a tree. A seed has all the information it needs to collect the sun’s energy and organize its growth and development into something as complex and large as a tree. In an engineered […]

Keeping Hope Alive in Glasgow

Over the past few decades, Sarah, 50, a nurse from Birmingham, England, has grown up alongside the climate justice movement. “I’ve been fighting for this since I was 15,” he said at a protest outside of the UN’s global climate summit, COP26. “And it was felt on the periphery for 30 years. Now everything is […]

These Club Hosts Keep the Party Alive

To download Elon Musk appearing on it Clubhouse program last February, the couple texted him. They had met Mr. Musk on a private tour a few years ago. Space XHeadquartered in Hawthorne, California. One week later, Mark Zuckerberg Called to discuss the future of augmented reality. The Facebook founder got another easy fix: He was […]