Allan Rechtschaffen, Distinguished Sleep Researcher, dies at 93

Unable to find the cause of death, they added, “this is why the sleep function itself is a hard nut to crack.” Allan Rechtschaffen was born in Manhattan on December 8, 1927 and moved to the Bronx as a teenager. His parents were Jewish immigrants from the state of Galicia, which was then the Austro-Hungarian […]

Working on the Dreaming Brain, Dr. J. Allan Hobson Dies At 88

“There was a tendency in the psychoanalytic world to imply that everything was psychodynamic,” he added, noting that some doctors reflexively held mothers responsible for their children’s behavior. However, Dr. Hobson softened his views in later years. Dr. “He came to believe that psychoanalysis could be useful for treating mental disorders,” Lydic said, “but he […]