Lunar eclipse excites stars in America

A total lunar eclipse provided a spectacular celestial spectacle as it swept through the Americas from Sunday night into the early hours of Monday. The eastern half of North America and all of Central and South America were prime locations to view the eclipse, while partial phases were seen in Africa, Europe, and the Middle […]

Crypto millionaires building their own cities in Central America

Romer initially collaborated with the Honduran government, but they parted ways after disagreements over how to implement his idea. (Romer did not respond to a request for comment.) Breaking ground in 2020, Próspera plans to impose ultra-low taxes, provide outsourcing services typically managed by the public sector, set up an “arbitration center” instead of a […]

How Is America Monitoring the Nuclear Attack?

In late February, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin declaration America’s surveillance equipment is on high alert that its country’s nuclear weapons are in “special combat readiness.” Hundreds of imaging satellites and other private and federal spacecraft began searching for signs of increased activity among Russia’s bombers, missiles, submarines and storage bunkers with thousands of nuclear […]

Rubio calls for more attention to China’s rise in Latin America

MIAMI (AP) — Sen. Marco Rubio As Russia, another US rival, swings its sword in the region amid rising geopolitical tensions over Ukraine, Biden urges the administration to pay more attention to China’s growing influence in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Florida Republican, as a senior member of the Latin American foreign affairs subcommittee, […]

How Air Pollution in America Reflects Racist Politics from the 1930s

Urban neighborhoods redrawn by federal authorities in the 1930s tended to have higher levels of harmful air pollution eighty years later. new work He found it by adding a body of evidence that reveals how racist policies in the past have contributed to inequalities in the United States today. In the wake of the Great […]

The Natural (and Political and Cultural) History of the America Bird

The fate of our (unofficial) national bird has fluctuated. Native to North America, bald eagles formed wild, handsome symbols for a new country, but as true birds they were often despised as thieves. In fact, they may be skilled kleptoparasites that steal fish from others, but scientists now see this as a sign of intelligence […]

‘Best job in America’ pays $145,000 with healthy work-life balance

A business that pays six figures a year and allows employees to work from home definitely sounds appealing. Corporate review website Glass door Published the ranking of the top 50 jobs in America for Wednesday 2022. Tech workers took the top spot, with a median base salary of $144,997, more than 14,000 job postings, and […]

Rural America lacks economic opportunity, internet, healthcare, education

Financial hardships, lack of broadband internet access and poor healthcare options are the biggest needs facing rural Americans during the pandemic, according to a new survey of economics and workforce experts. Thomas P. Miller and Associates, a national workforce and economic development consulting firm in Indianapolis, in the Welfare Through Equity Survey published Monday, said […]

Differences persist as Biden brings back North America summit

WASHINGTON (AP) — North America’s leaders are reviving a three-way summit after a Trump-era hiatus. as President Joe Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau As Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador continues the tradition of the North American Leaders’ Summit on Thursday, the three allies face deep divergences over migration, climate and trade. “There isn’t […]

America Loves Elections. Not on phones.

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. Here is a collection past columns. America’s smartphone market is stuck. More than 70 percent of the smartphones Americans bought this year were either an iPhone or a Samsung device. According to data compiled for me by research firm IDC, smartphone brands other than these two […]