Download: Google’s AI intelligence overload and America’s struggle

Another month, a flood of weird, wonderful and cute images produced by an AI. In April, OpenAI showcased its new painting neural network. DALL-E 2It can produce exceptionally high resolution images of almost anything desired. Now, just a few weeks later, Google Brain has unveiled its own rendering AI called Imagen. And it even outperforms […]

Elon Musk’s entry into America’s wars for freedom of speech is shaking the Democrats,

The blurriness of Elon Musk’s politics turns the world’s richest man into both a hero and a bogeyman in some of the country’s most polarizing debates. Republicans have recently heralded Mr. Musk, who describes himself as “half Democrat, half Republican,” as a champion of free speech and forward thinking enterprise. The Democrats painted him a […]

The Whaling Wreck of the 1830s Offers a Look at America’s Race

Officially No. The wreck, known as 15563, was identified as the Industry, the only whaling vessel known to have sunk in the Gulf of Mexico. On Wednesday, scientists announced they were confident the wreck was Industry, which was built in 1815 and capsized in a storm on May 26, 1836. Its rediscovery—and the newly discovered […]

There Is A Messaging War Over America’s Energy Future Right Now

Climate scientists, oil executives, progressives and conservatives agree on one thing these days: the energy transition is ahead. Over a century of unhindered burning of fossil fuels has already significantly warmed the planet, and cleaner and more sustainable energy sources are urgently needed to avoid further catastrophic changes to the environment. But even if longtime […]

Download: Fixing America’s cybersecurity and part 2 of The Secret

What’s this: Stronger government oversight, rules that require organizations to meet minimum cybersecurity standards, closer partnerships with the private sector, a move away from the current market-first approach, and enforcement to ensure new rules are followed. peer: The new strategy will take cues from some of the country’s most famous regulatory icons, such as the […]

Inside America’s never-ending plan to fix cybersecurity mistakes

“The good news is we really know how to tackle these problems,” says Glenn Gerstall, general counsel to the National Security Agency through 2020. “We can fix cybersecurity. It can be expensive and difficult, but we know how to do it. This is not a technology issue.” Another recent major cyberattack proves this point once […]

America’s China Technology Enigma – The New York Times

This article is part of the On Tech newsletter. Here is a collection past columns. America’s policies towards technology from China don’t always seem consistent. Biden administration, Trying to figure out what to do about apps from China, including TikTokIt is owned by the Chinese internet giant ByteDance. We authorities have been worried for years […]

William Conway, Who Redesigned America’s Zoos, Dies at 91

William G. Conway, an animal conservationist who redefined (but failed to rename) the Bronx Zoo and helps transform America’s urban wildlife parks into crowd-pleasing natural habitats designed to build support for endangered species around the world. He died in New York in October. Rochelle, NY was 91 years old. It was announced that he died […]

Ancient Footprints Show Humans Arrived in the Americas During the Ice Age

The ancient human footprints preserved at the site across from New Mexico’s White Sands National Park are surprisingly old. scientists have reported On Thursday, it dates back to the Ice Age, about 23,000 years ago. The results, if they continued to study, would revive the scientific debate about how humans first spread to the Americas, […]