‘Life or Death’: The Mental Health Crisis Among US Teens

How did reporter Matt Richtel talk to adolescents and parents for this series? In mid-April, I was speaking to the mother of a suicidal teenager whose struggles I follow closely. I asked how her daughter was. It’s not good, the mother said: “If we don’t find something drastic to help this kid, this kid won’t […]

New Drug Reduces Deaths Among Severe Covid Patients, Manufacturer Claims

Dr. The drug was given so-called fast track status by the Food and Drug Administration in January, Steiner said. The identification aims to enable faster development and review of new treatments that address unmet medical needs and target serious or life-threatening conditions. Updated April 11, 2022 at 4:08 PM ET Dr. Steiner said the company […]

VA says telehealth reduces suicide risk among rural veterinarians in pandemic

A new study finds that rural veterans with mental health issues are more likely to receive online treatment after receiving smart devices from the Department of Veterans Affairs, reducing their risk of suicide during the COVID-19 pandemic. The VA-sponsored study of 471,791 rural veterans with a mental health care background was published Wednesday in the […]

Omicron Calls for Rapid Reconsideration of Boosters Among Scientists

As recently as last week, many public health experts vehemently opposed the Biden administration’s campaign to offer booster vaccines for coronavirus vaccines to all American adults. There’s little scientific evidence to support extra doses for most people, the researchers said. The Omicron variant changed all that. Scientists do not yet know for sure whether the […]

Bitcoin mining powerhouse raises concerns among environmentalists

One hurdle to large-scale bitcoin mining is finding enough cheap energy to run huge, power-hungry computer arrays that create and process cryptocurrency. A mining operation in downtown New York has come up with a new solution that has alarmed environmentalists. He uses his own switchboard. Near the shores of Seneca Lake in the Finger Lakes […]

There Is Honor Among Giraffe Warriors

Giraffes don’t fight much, says Jessica Granweiler, a graduate student at the University of Manchester in England who studies nature’s tallest mammals. When they do, be careful. “Combating is extremely rare because it is extremely fierce,” said Ms. Granweiler. When older adult males joust for territory or mating rights, horn-like ossicones propel pairs with the […]

Amid Extreme Weather, A Shift on Climate Change Among Republicans

WASHINGTON — After a decade of debate over the existence of climate change, many prominent Republicans are changing their stance over the medium term. deadly heat wavesdevastating drought and wild Forest fires beating their territories and returning their voters home. Members of Congress, who have long insisted that the climate changes due to natural cycles, […]

Brain Drain Among Government Scientists Is Lowering Biden’s Climate

WASHINGTON — Juliette Hart left her job last summer as an oceanographer for the United States Geological Survey, where she uses climate models to help coastal communities plan for rising seas. He said he was demoralized after four years of the Trump administration and forced political appointees to delete or downplay any talk of climate […]

Covid clusters among inoculated points where the delta is on the rise

They were gold miners in French Guiana, revelers and Indian health workers in Cape Cod. Although they lived in separate worlds, they had two things in common. All vaccinated against covid-19. And they all became part of the infection clusters. In recent weeks, cases like this prove that chains of Covid-19 transmission and over-spread events […]

As Cases of the Virus Increase, Another Contagion Spreads Among Those Vaccinated:

As coronavirus cases resurface across the country, many vaccinated Americans are losing patience with vaccine holdups that neglect their civic duty or cling to conspiracy theories and misinformation, even as new patients arrive in emergency rooms and the nation renews mask recommendations. The country seemed to be coming out of the pandemic; but a month […]