New DNA Analysis Supports Ancient Roots of an Unrecognized Tribe

In the Handbook of the California Indians” anthropologist published in 1925 Alfred Kroeber He said the people of Ohlone were “extinct for all practical purposes.” noting that only “a few scattered individuals survived.” Although the anthropologist didn’t relinquish the declaration of extinction until the 1950s, “the damage has been done,” said Charlene Nijmeh, head of […]

Can AI-Assisted Voice Analysis Help Identify Mental Disorders?

part of this article a limited series on the potential of artificial intelligence to solve everyday problems. Imagine a test that can reliably identify an anxiety disorder or predict an impending depressive relapse, as quick and easy as taking your temperature or measuring your blood pressure. Healthcare providers have many tools to measure a patient’s […]

Judges Demand Increased Climate Analysis in Drilling Decisions

WASHINGTON – A judge’s verdict this week override Analysts said on Friday that the largest offshore oil and gas lease sale in the country’s history shows that regulatory decisions that ignore global warming are increasingly vulnerable to legal challenges as the government fails to take climate change into account. Judge Rudolph Contreras of the United […]

Pfizer’s Covid Pill Is Working Well, Company Confirms In Final Analysis

Pfizer announced on Tuesday The Covid pill was found to fend off serious diseases in a major clinical trial and work against a highly mutated Omicron variant of the virus. The results underscore the promise of health officials and doctors to ease the burden on hospitals as the United States prepares for the fourth wave […]

Merck Says Covid Pill Is Less Effective In A Recent Analysis

Pharmaceutical company Merck said on friday He said the antiviral pill reduced the risk of hospitalization and death among high-risk Covid patients by 30 percent, down from an earlier estimate of 50 percent, in a recent analysis of a clinical trial. The low efficacy is a disappointment for the drug known as molnupiravir, which health […]

Climate Change Maintains Extraordinary Records of Western Heat Wave, Analysis

An international team of climate researchers said Wednesday that the extraordinary heatwave that scorched the Pacific Northwest last week would certainly not have happened without global warming. The temperatures were so extreme—including readings of 116 degrees Fahrenheit in Portland, Ore. and a Canadian record of 121 degrees in British Columbia—researchers had a hard time saying […]