Black Vulture Attacks on Animals May Increase

The scenes told in Indiana farmlands and elsewhere seem like something straight out of a horror novel where black vultures descend into the woods and pastures of the Midwest and beyond. Farmers describe savage attacks on their animals: burials, big black birds with humpbacks feasting on newborn calves as they emerge from their mothers, and […]

What Do Animals See in the Stars and What Do They Lose?

Nick, a harbor seal, delved into the annals of the history of astronomy when Guido Dehnhardt, now a marine biologist at the University of Rostock, was studying how cetaceans orient themselves. Dr. Dehnhardt and colleague Bj√∂rn Mauck suggested that if seals can distinguish stars, this may help explain how animals are able to complete long […]

Zoo Animals Receive Experimental Coronavirus Vaccines

The Oakland Zoo in California started this week with bears, mountain lions, tigers and ferrets, the first of nearly 100 animals preparing to receive an experimental vaccine against the coronavirus over the summer. Zoetis, a veterinary pharmaceutical company, is donating 11,000 doses of the vaccine to nearly 70 zoos in 27 U.S. states, as well […]