Biden announces US reaction to Ukraine invasion on Javelin tour

As President Biden toured a Javelin missile factory in rural Alabama on Tuesday, he spoke about Ukraine’s efforts to help fend off Russian invaders. Gezi allowed him to focus his power amid a series of domestic crises threatening Democratic candidates in November’s midterm elections. Mr. Biden visited a Lockheed Martin facility in Troy, where workers […]

Twitter announces it’s selling Elon Musk for an estimated $44 billion

Twitter said on Monday it had accepted billionaire Elon Musk’s offer to buy the social media company for an estimated $44 billion. Twitter chairman Bret Taylor said the sale represents the best path for the company, and Mr. Musk said he looks forward to unlocking the company’s full potential. “Freedom of speech is the cornerstone […]

California Announces Plan to Retire New Gas-Powered Cars by 2035

WASHINGTON — California on Wednesday laid out an aggressive plan to drive steady growth in its sales to the public. electric and zero emission vehiclesIt’s the first step in enacting a nationwide target to ban new gasoline-powered cars by 2035. Under the proposed rule published by the California Air Resources Board, the state will require […]

Apple announces update for budget-friendly iPhone SE series

AppleThe company’s most budget-conscious phone is getting an update at the “Peek Performance” virtual event held by the company on Tuesday. The new iPhone SE makes an appearance on the company’s most popular phone lineup – the product hasn’t been updated since its initial launch in 2020. The new SE can connect to ultra-fast 5G […]

Intel announces $20 billion Ohio plant as Joe Biden battles semiconductor

Intel It plans to invest $20 billion in a semiconductor factory outside of Columbus, Ohio. White House On Friday, President Biden said as he seeks to spur US production to combat a global chip shortage. The White House said the new facility will create 7,000 construction jobs and 3,000 permanent jobs. “Today’s announcement is the […]

EPA Announces Strictest Auto Pollution Rules Ever

WASHINGTON — The Environmental Protection Agency announced Monday that it has strengthened limits on pollution from automobile tailpipes in an effort to reduce a major source of planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions. The stricter rule – the most significant climate action ever taken by the Biden administration and the highest level ever set for fuel economy […]

Melania Trump announces NFT initiative

NEW YORK (AP) – For a cryptocurrency token you can get a digital watercolor painting of Melania Trump’s eyes. The former First Lady launched a startup this week selling NFTs, or non-tradable tokens, on her website for one Solan token, currently worth around $180 each. According to a news release, Melania Trump will “regularly” post […]

Ford Announces Partnership to Ensure Continuous Flow of US-Made Chips

About two months ago, the company’s general managers Ford Engine and GlobalFoundries, a semiconductor supplier, spent several hours discussing the chip shortage that has plagued automakers and disrupted production worldwide. On Thursday, the companies announced the outcome of that meeting – a collaboration aimed at increasing chip production in the United States and improving Ford’s […]

Zuckerberg announces plans to bring alternate reality ‘mainstream’

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Thursday said her Alternative virtual reality that everyone can experience will come together in the next five to ten years. in a video for Facebook‘connect 2021 conference, Mr. Zuckerberg New details have emerged about it. her ‘metaverse’ job. “A lot of things that are physical today, like screens, may be just […]

Donald Trump announces social media company, mobile app and merger deal

The old president Donald Trump The new Trump Media and Technology Group will head a social media initiative that apparently aims to replace Facebook and Twitter, the media and technology group said Wednesday evening. The move could put the 45th president back into the online arena. heHe has been banned since leaving office on January […]