Twitter Employees Search for Answers as the Musk Deal Takes Shape

In January 2020, thousands of Twitter employees gathered in Houston for a corporate summit called #OneTeam. During the event, Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter at the time, announced that he had invited a surprise guest. Then, with a wave and a smile, Elon Musk appeared on the giant screens above the stage. The crowd cheered, […]

Bipartisan Senate group urges DHS to provide answers on Russian

A bipartisan group of 22 senators has urged the Department of Homeland Security to provide details on the government’s preparations for cyberattacks from Russia, as the invasion of Ukraine keeps American lawmakers nervous. Fears of a devastating Russian cyberattack that could spiral out of control accompanying the physical attacks on Ukraine have yet to materialize. […]

US scrambles for answers on lack of major cyberattack in Russia

The chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee said on Monday that the US government was unable to fully explain why. Russia It did not launch a devastating cyberattack that accompanied the Ukraine invasion. you are. Mark WarnerVirginia Democrat, said he is He questioned the intelligence community officials publicly and privately, and walked away for no […]

House GOPers demands answers from Twitter CEO about censorship, Robert

More than a dozen Republicans sent a letter to the Twitter CEO on Friday. Parag Agrawal threatens to hold social media companies accountable for censoring conservative voices. The letter was shared by Twitter’s Dr. Robert Malone, a researcher involved in the development of mRNA vaccines, critical of the vaccine program. Lawmakers said the reasons for […]

Why Is My Eyelid Twitching? Questions and answers

But what causes eyelid twitching is more commonly stress, insomnia or excessive caffeine intake, experts said. Dry eye, a common ailment among screen-watchers most of the day, is another culprit. Studies have stated We blink less when looking at digital devices, which causes our eyes to dry out. Dr. Lorch said there is no quick […]

Hybrid cloud adoption challenges find answers at HCI

Christine McMonigal is director of hyperconverged marketing at Intel Corporation. With more options to evaluate in a complex environment, emergencies to respond to, and complexities to understand, the need for businesses to move forward in their digital journey has never been more urgent. Changing demands, fueled in part by the covid-19 pandemic, have created the […]

Did the Nazis Manufacture These Uranium Cubes? Researchers Search for Answers.

The failure of Nazi Germany’s nuclear program is well documented in the historical record. Less documented is how a handful of uranium cubes, possibly manufactured by the Nazis, ended up in laboratories in the United States. Scientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the University of Maryland said that the three uranium cubes they […]

Texas Abortion Law: Questions and Answers

A Texas law banning most abortion After nearly six weeks of pregnancy, it took effect Wednesday, despite the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that gave the state a constitutional right to the most restrictive procedure in the country in terms of access to abortion services. Other states have passed similar laws, but these measures face legal […]

A New Alzheimer’s Drug Offers More Questions Than Answers

A geriatrician at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, Dr. “This puts us in a bad place,” Karina Bishop agreed. Ethically, he added, “if this drug were available now, I wouldn’t be able to prescribe it.” Even as individual doctors struggle to advise patients, hospitals and healthcare systems are developing protocols for when Aduhelm will […]