No Antibody Medicines Are Used to Protect Vulnerable People From Covid

Sasha Mallett, Sue Taylor, and Kimberly Cooley all have immune deficiencies that make them particularly vulnerable to viruses. Covid-19and they all sought to achieve the same thing: a new treatment that could prevent the disease in people who were unable to produce antibodies after receiving a coronavirus vaccine, or who had no vaccine at all. […]

Hospitals Confuse As Antibody Treatments Fail Against Omicron

Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and Biden management officials are racing to address one of the Omicron variant’s biggest threats: Two of the three monoclonal antibody treatments that doctors rely on to prevent Covid-19 patients from getting seriously ill don’t seem to be blocking the latest release. your coronavirus. This type of treatment, which is likely to […]

They Stayed Away From Covid Vaccines But Embraced Antibody Therapy

Lanson Jones didn’t think the coronavirus was coming for him. An aspiring tennis player in Houston, who didn’t even catch a cold during the pandemic, refused a vaccine because she was worried it would impair her health. But contracting Covid shattered his faith in his body’s defenses – so much so that Mr. Jones, with […]