White House commits to blocking anti-satellite missile tests

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration announced on Monday that it has outlawed anti-satellite missile tests by the United States, a move that White House officials said was to underscore hopes of creating new norms for military action in space. The United States has harshly criticized Russia and China for conducting anti-satellite missile tests, despite using […]

Russia Adopts Anti-Satellite Missile Test That Creates Confusion in the Middle East

MOSCOW — The Russian military acknowledged Tuesday that it conducted an anti-satellite weapons test that destroyed a target in orbit, sending a vast cloud of debris surrounding Earth and forcing astronauts on the International Space Station to seek shelter. The announcement comes after a day of silence about sophisticated weapons testing in Moscow amid already […]

Russian Anti-Satellite Weapons Test Wreck Forces Astronauts to Bunker

Russia tested an anti-satellite missile on Monday, destroying one of its own satellites in orbit. The test created a vast cloud of debris that continued to orbit the Earth, and some of the material dangerously approached the International Space Station, forcing the astronauts to take shelter for hours in a pair of spacecraft that could […]

China launches suspected anti-satellite weapon

Chinese It launched a new satellite that analysts say could be used as a weapon that could capture and crush American satellites. The Shijian-21 satellite was sent atop a rocket booster from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center on Sunday, apparently to clean up “space debris,” according to Beijing’s state-run space company China Aerospace Science and […]