Online activists trick Ottawa’s anti-vaccine convoy protesters

Leo saw this as a way to combat what he believed to be the inadequate response of the local police, which he believed often sided with the protesters. He asked Ottawa city councilman Shawn Menard to share the link on his Twitter feed to promote the map and get his neighbors to input information. Menard […]

Facebook froze as anti-vaccine comments surround users

WASHINGTON (AP) – In March, as allegations about the dangers and ineffectiveness of coronavirus vaccines circulated on social media, undermining attempts to stop the spread of the virus, some Facebook employees thought they had found a way to help. Researchers at the company realized that by ingeniously changing the way vaccine-related posts are sorted in […]

YouTube Bans Anti-Vaccine Misinformation – The New York Times

YouTube said on Wednesday it has banned several prominent anti-vaccine activists from its platform. Joseph Mercola and Robert F. Kennedy part of an effort to remove all content that falsely claims that approved vaccines are dangerous. In a blog post, youtube said It said it would remove videos claiming that vaccines do not reduce […]