All Children 8 Years and Over Should Be Screened for Anxiety, US Mission

worsening condition mental health among children He encouraged an influential group of experts to refer all children aged 8 to 18 to screening for the first time for one of the most common concerns, anxiety. childhood mental health disorders. A draft of the new guide, open to general commentIt will likely be completed within this […]

How Can Anxiety Benefit Us?

Dr. “I think of it like an alarm — like a smoke detector — a good alarm isn’t always silenced,” Gillihan added. Acknowledging the anxiety can help you face your fears. If you find yourself overestimating the risk of something terrible happening, start by acknowledging your anxiety and looking at it objectively, said Joel Minden, […]

How to Calm Your Climate Anxiety

Three years ago, after the Woolsey Fire, 53-year-old Greg Kochanowski returned to the Santa Monica Mountains and unknowingly walked past his own street. The most devastating wildfire in Los Angeles County history tore apart the Seminole Springs neighborhood and burned more than half of the homes in the area, including hers. What remained was the […]