All Celebrities Pushing Crypto Aren’t So Loud Anymore

In virtual currency exchange’s latest ad, titled “Courage Is a Process,” star basketball player Joel Embiid walks through Philadelphia, and former college coach Bill Self lends the narrative. “Even when our path didn’t make sense to everyone, we moved on,” says Mr Self in the ad, which aired on May 6th. “We continue until […]

Blue Origin: Pete Davidson Won’t Go to Space Anymore

“Saturday Night Live” comedian and actor Pete Davidson will no longer travel to the edge of space on his next Blue Origin spaceflight, the company said late Thursday. The company announced this week that the New Shepard rocket will launch on Wednesday, March 23. With Mr Davidson and five other passengers. However, the company’s fourth […]

Hire hacker industry is too big to fail anymore

NSO Group has been besieged by accusations of criticism and harassment for years. United Arab Emirates in 2016, caught It targets human rights activist Ahmed Mansoor by using Pegasus, a tool by NSO Group that exploits software flaws to hack iPhones and transfer control to NSO Group’s customers. In this case, the UAE government was […]

Who Can Be Called an Astronaut? The FAA Won’t Tell Anymore.

Jeff Bezos is officially an astronaut. Really – just ask the federal government. The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday it is ending a program that awards small gold badges called “Commercial Space Astronaut Wings” to certain individuals flying into space by private spacecraft. But before the program officially retires in January, the agency said anyone […]