‘Don’t Look’ Nails Media Apocalypse

“I call myself,” said Mr. McKay. “I’m not above that in any way. I really want Ben Affleck and J. Lo to find happiness together, and I’m really excited about what Taco Bell is going to do next – a burrito full of burritos?” In a different twist from the movie itself, much of the […]

‘Every Day Is Apocalypse’: New Limits Give Chinese E-Gamers Whiplash

Many in China’s gaming industry agree that games have some disadvantages. The most popular games in the country are made for smartphones and are free to play, meaning businesses make them live and die based on how well they attract users and pay for the extras. Game makers have specialized in deceiving players. But top-down […]

A Young Naturalist Inspires With Joy, Not Apocalypse

Macfarlane said McAnulty reveals a world that “glimmers differently” when viewed through her eyes. He then began quoting his favorite lines from “The Diary of a Young Naturalist,” like another about the “art deco lines of a seaweed,” in which the author describes his family as “close as otters.” booby” Macfarlane added: “There may be […]