Housework applications aimed to make mothers’ lives easier. Most of the time they don’t.

Please consider to support MIT Technology Review journalism subscribe to. Some applications emulate enterprise software. Maple founder Michael Perry says his workplace-inspired apps like Slack and Trello put tasks in a “trash area” where family members can choose via chat without having to authorize a single person. Other approaches draw their inspiration from research on […]

Attentive Parents Target of New Applications to Vaccinate 5-11-Year-Old Children

The school principal has been begging Bonea Cosey for weeks: Will she please get her 7 and 11 year olds vaccinated against Covid? Miss Cosey remained determined. A hard no. But Mr Kip – Brigham Kiplinger, Garrison Elementary School In Washington DC – fend off “goodies”. Mr. Kip has been calling, texting, nagging, scamming the […]