Experts Warn, Public Health Disaster Approaches in Ukraine

One in four new HIV infections in Ukraine is among the country’s approximately 350,000 injecting drug users. Before the war, Ukraine’s harm reduction policies enabled more than 17,000 of its citizens to receive so-called opioid substitution treatment. Demand for treatment increased as access to street drugs decreased during the conflict. But now stocks of the […]

Rivian Approaches IPO, Seeking Over $50 Billion Valuation

RivianAn electric truck maker, backed by Amazon and Ford Motor, is aiming to raise over $50 billion in its IPO next week. The company updated its registration documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday and said it aims to sell 135 million Class A common stock, priced between $57 and $62 per share, […]

German Protesters Call for Climate Action as Election Approaches

BERLIN – Hundreds of thousands of young people from around the world took to the streets on Friday for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic quarantined many, demanding action to stop the warming of the planet. Protesters gathered in Bangladesh, Kenya, the Netherlands and many other countries. But nowhere was the call to action […]