Monkeypox in Bay Area wastewater

Latest data They suggest that monkeypox DNA can also be detected in a variety of bodily fluids from those infected. This includes respiratory and nasal secretions, saliva, urine, feces and semen – so a cleaned tissue from someone with monkeypox can register the virus in wastewater. If a pathogen’s genetic footprint can remain in wastewater […]

Biden plans to declare Hudson Canyon Marine Protected Area

Hudson Canyon, a vast gorge in the Atlantic Ocean that is home to endangered whales, sharks and sea turtles, will become a national marine sanctuary in a bid by the Biden administration Wednesday. Hudson Canyon, about 100 miles southeast of the Statue of Liberty, will be closed to oil and gas drilling to protect marine […]

New York Drops Confined Area Mask Order, Easing Covid Rules

Government Kathy Hochul will lift New York’s strict closed mask requirement on Wednesday and end the requirement for businesses to require full proof of vaccination from customers or to wear masks at all times, marking a milestone in the state’s coronavirus response, according to three people. informed about his decision. The decision will abolish a […]

Biden Administration Cancels Mine Leases Near Wilderness Area

The Biden administration said Wednesday it has canceled two mining leases that would allow a copper mine to be built near a pristine wilderness area in Minnesota. The Home Office said it determined that leases held by Twin Metals Minnesota, a subsidiary of Chilean mining conglomerate Antofagasta, were improperly reinstated by the Trump administration in […]

Technical Workers Sworn to the Bay Area. Now They’re Back.

Rizal Wong, a young partner at technology and business communications firm Sard Verbinnen and Company, left the Bay Area in December to find a cheaper one-bedroom studio apartment in Sacramento, close to his family, in his hometown of Sacramento, in Oakland. Studio flat sold. But he moved to San Francisco in April after getting vaccinated. […]