Army chooses new rifle for combat troops

This Army chose a replacement weapon for the service’s venerable M-4 carbine, which has been the standard weapon used by combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan for several years. After 27 months of prototyping and evaluation, the New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer Won a $20.4 million contract to manufacture and deliver two Next Generation Squad Gun […]

Pentagon to spend $6.1 billion to upgrade Army radios

The Pentagon announced on Friday that it plans to spend $6.1 billion more than the cost of a new Virginia-class attack submarine to modernize the Army command and control radios. In a contract announcement, the Department of Defense announced that two defense contractors, Thales Defense and Security Inc. of Clarksburg, Maryland. and L3Harris Technologies Inc., […]

Ukraine assembles army of citizen-hackers for information wars with Russia

LVIV, Ukraine | From an apartment on a quiet street in Lviv, in the still intact western parts of Ukraine, two childhood friends, now in their early 20s, are waging their own silent invasion of the deep. Russiaborders. In addition to the intense bombardment and ground wars in the cities of eastern Ukraine, marcoRoman, an […]

Netflix Surveillance New Jersey Army Base for Massive Production Center

Netflix wants to transform a crumbling Army base in New Jersey into one of the largest film and television production centers in the Northeast, a plan that has at least one major backer: Governor Phil Murphy. Tuesday, Netflix He said he would bid for a 289-acre piece of land. Monmouth Castle, about 50 miles south […]

‘I Need an Army’: Schools in America Are Closing For Covid Tests

SAN ANTONIO — Last Thursday, Ciara Brown, a senior at Fox Tech High School in San Antonio, stood on a small white desk, lowered her face mask, and performed a test still nonstandard in American schools: rub a cotton nose. “Testing is very easy,” he said. “It’s not as scary as I thought – it’s […]

To Combat Vaccine Lies, Authorities Are Building an ‘Army of Influencing’

In March, the White House, Dr. He hosted an Instagram Live chat between Fauci and Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez, who has more than 16.6 million Instagram followers and is openly skeptical of vaccines. for 37 minutes argumentMr. Derbez was frank about his concerns. “What if I get the vaccine but it doesn’t protect me against […]

Capitol Police to use Army surveillance system on Americans

US Capitol Police As the force has become an “intelligence-based protective agency” after the January 6 attack, it will begin to field military surveillance equipment as part of extensive security updates. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin recently capital police request for eight Permanent Surveillance Systems Ground – Medium (PSSG-M) units. The system provides high definition […]

REvil cyber gang hits Army, Navy and Air defense contractor HX5

The REvil cyber gang hit a defense contractor, whose clients include the US military, in a harsh test of President Biden’s hard-hitting speech to deter cyber-attackers bombarding America. Russia-linked REvil claimed to have stolen 23 gigabytes of data from HX5, a Florida-based defense contractor working on aerospace and weapons launch technology, and has customers the […]