Powering the next generation of artificial intelligence

Computing everywhere has triggered an avalanche of data beyond human processing capabilities. Artificial intelligence technologies emerged as the only viable way to transform this data into information. As more computing generates more data, more computing power is needed to power artificial intelligence. Next-generation AI will soon look to planet-scale computing systems to further increase AI’s […]

Artificial intelligence used to fight western wildfires

DENVER (AP) — As wildfires grow larger and more devastating as the West dries and warms, agencies and officials tasked with preventing fires and fighting blazes may soon have a new tool in their arsenal of burn, pickaxe, chain. saws and plane. High-tech aid may come from a field not normally associated with bushfire fighting: […]

Download: Artificial intelligence protecting language and hackers showed it

This is today’s edition download, Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the tech world. A new AI vision for humans In the back room of an old building in New Zealand, one of the most advanced computers for artificial intelligence is helping to redefine the future of technology. […]

Download: How Artificial Intelligence exploits disaster and Bitcoin

This is today’s editiondownload,Our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the tech world. How the AI ‚Äč‚Äčindustry profits from disaster It was supposed to be a temporary side job – a way to make some extra money. Oskarina Fuentes Anaya signed up for Appen, an AI data labeling platform, […]

Artificial intelligence creates a new colonial world order

In part two, we travel to Venezuela, where AI data labeling firms are finding cheap and desperate workers and creating a new model of labor exploitation in the midst of a devastating economic crisis. The series also looks at ways to get away from these dynamics. In chapter three, we visit motorcyclists in Indonesia who […]

Artificial Intelligence Masters Language. Should We Trust What They Say?

But the broad-language model approach has also received significant criticism over the past few years, as the GPT-3’s fluency dazzled many observers. Some skeptics argue that software is only capable of blindly imitating – imitating syntactic patterns of human language, but unable to generate its own ideas or make complex decisions; human intelligence. For these […]

Arthur D. Riggs, 82, Died; The Leading Team to Invent Artificial Insulin

“City of Hope convinced me that if my donations were made public I could encourage others to do the same,” he told the Los Angeles Business Journal. Dr. Riggs then developed the basics of monoclonal antibodies using recombinant DNA technology to trick bacteria into producing proteins that mimic human antibodies. This development has led to […]

Artificial Intelligence Integration Between Sectors | MIT Technology Review

Kavitha Prasad, Vice President and General Manager, Data Center, Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Execution and Strategy, Intel Corporation Kavitha Prasad leads the team responsible for developing Intel’s strategy for next-generation data center solutions, cloud architecture solutions, and distribution systems. She also oversees Intel’s overall AI strategy and execution efforts, she. Kavitha rejoined Intel in 2021 […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Powering the Future of Financial Services

Sameena Shah, Managing Director, JPMorgan AI Research, JPMorgan Chase Sameena Shah is the General Manager of Artificial Intelligence Research in Digital and Platform Services, where she and her team work across the firm to create AI technologies for business transformation and growth. He is a highly accomplished leader with over 20 years of education and […]