Elon Musk asked by the UK Parliament to testify on Twitter

LONDON (AP) — A British parliamentary committee examining the online security bill has invited Elon Musk to discuss his plans to acquire Twitter and proposed changes to the social media platform. Parliament’s digital committee on Wednesday asked the Tesla CEO to provide “more in-depth” evidence about his proposals. Musk said it’s too early to give […]

Climate Questions, Asked and Answered

We hear you. You ask us all kinds of questions about the deepest challenge of our time. You’re asking us about science. You ask us what policy tools have worked to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You ask us about your daily dilemmas. You often ask us what you can do. That’s why we invited you […]

Elon Musk asked Twitter if he would sell Tesla shares

NEW YORK (AP) – Tesla CEO Elon Musk is asking on Twitter if he will sell 10% of his stake in the electric vehicle company amid pressure from billionaires like him to raise taxes. Some Democrats force billionaires to pay taxes when the price of their stock rises, even if they don’t sell any shares. […]

MIT Invited Criticism When It Asked Dorian Abbot to Speak

CHICAGO — The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has invited geophysicist Dorian Abbot to give a prestigious public lecture this fall. Natural selection seemed to be a scientific star studying climate change and whether planets in distant solar systems could harbor habitable atmospheres. A wave of angry resistance followed. Some faculty and graduate students, University of […]

Did gain-of-function research create covid-19? We asked Ralph Baric.

[Baric is referring to a 2015 collaboration with Zhengli Shi of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, or WIV, in China, which created a so-called chimera by combining the “spike” gene from a new bat virus with the backbone of a second virus. The spike gene determines how well a virus attaches to human cells. A […]