Astronomers capture first image of Milky Way’s massive black hole

WASHINGTON (AP) — Earth saw the first wild but blurry image of a supermassive black hole at the center of our own Milky Way galaxy on Thursday. Astronomers believe that at the center of nearly all galaxies, including our own, are these giant black holes from which light and matter cannot escape, making them extremely […]

Astronomers Find What Could Be the Farthest Galaxy Ever

Astronomers have been jumping past each other lately. Last week, a group using the Hubble Space Telescope announced they had discovered what it could be. The most distant and oldest star ever seenNicknamed Earendel, which shone 12.9 billion years ago, just 900 million years after the Big Bang. Now, another international group of astronomers say […]

First Quadruple Asteroid: Astronomers Detect a 3-Piece Space Rock

We already knew that Asteroid 130 Elektra was special. Astronomers have discovered that it has two moons before, making it a rare triple asteroid system. Now a third moon may have been found, making it even rarer – the first known quadruple asteroid in the solar system. Electra was first discovered in orbit in the […]

Astronomers Find A New Trojan Asteroid Sharing Earth’s Orbit

There seemed to be no Trojan asteroids on Earth either, until astronomers found one in 2010 at the L4 Lagrange point, 60 degrees ahead of Earth. Subsequent searches were futile until Pan-Starrs, an automated sky survey in Hawaii, uncovered the 2020 XL5, an intriguing object that appears to be trapped around L4. However, initial observations […]

James Webb Space Telescope Launch Makes Astronomers Very Worried

What do astronomers eat for breakfast the day their $10 billion telescope is launched into space? nails. “You’ve been working for years and everything is going up in a cloud of smoke,” said Marcia Rieke of the University of Arizona. Dr. Rieke admits that his fingers will cross as he prepares for the launch of […]

Star System with Right Angled Planets Surprises Astronomers

Star systems come in all shapes and sizes. Some have many planets, some have larger planets, and some have no planets at all. But a particularly unusual system about 150 light-years from ours has left scientists scratching their heads. astronomers in 2016 discovered two planets It orbits the star HD 3167. They were thought to […]

US astronomers want giant telescope to hunt for new Earth-like

Using spectroscopy, which studies how matter and light interact, astronomers will now begin examining the atmospheres of large, hot worlds for evidence of biosignatures or signs of life on other planets. The second new priority described in the report is to explore the nature of the universe and try to understand what happened in the […]

Astronomers Find A Planet That Survived The Death Of Its Star

When our sun goes into death throes in about five billion years, it will burn our planet and then dramatically turn into a dead ember known as a white dwarf. But the fate of more distant planets like Jupiter or Saturn is less clear. Wednesday in the journal Nature, astronomers reported that they’ve observed an […]

Chinese astronomers want to build an observatory in Tibet

At an altitude of more than 2.5 miles, Lenghu “is known to have unusually clear skies,” says Licai Deng, a scientist at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and co-author of the new study. “At the same time, the Lenghu region has a spectacular Mars-like landscape.” Deng said the local government, which wants to attract tourists […]

Astronomers detect x-rays from behind a supermassive black hole

“This is a really exciting result,” says Edward Cackett, an astronomer at Wayne State University who was not involved in the study. “While we’ve seen the signature of X-ray echoes before, it’s not been possible until now to separate the echo from behind the black hole that bends towards our line of sight. How things […]