The vital currents of the Atlantic could collapse. Scientists compete

Separately, research teams go on longer expeditions, typically every 18 months, to remove and replace sensors from three or four anchorages on the eastern side of the Bahamas. Their UK counterparts do the same work on the eastern side of the ocean and along the Atlantic Ridge. Other groups set up mooring arrays in different […]

Tropical Storm Victor Forms in the Eastern Atlantic

Tropical Storm Victor formed in the eastern Atlantic on Wednesday and is the 20th named storm of the intense 2021 Atlantic hurricane season. In an update Wednesday night, the National Hurricane Center said Victor was about 555 miles south-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands with a maximum sustained wind of 40 miles per hour. The […]

Tropical Storm Sam Forms in the Atlantic

Tropical Storm Sam formed in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on Thursday and is the fourth and 18th overall to develop in less than a week in a busy 2021 hurricane season. By 11:00 pm ET, the storm was 1700 miles east of the Eastern Caribbean and was moving west at 16 miles per […]

Tropical Storm Peter Forms in the Atlantic Ocean

Tropical Storm Peter formed in the Atlantic Ocean in the eastern Caribbean on Sunday, forecasters have announced the 16th named storm of the 2021 season. as of 9 a.m. East On Sunday, the storm was about 470 miles east of the northern Leeward Islands and is expected to pass “far north of the Lesser Antilles,” […]

Tropical Storm Larry Forms in the Atlantic

Tropical Storm Larry formed in the eastern Atlantic Ocean early Wednesday, making it the 12th named storm of the 2021 Atlantic hurricane season and fourth last week as it entered the season’s peak season. The storm was about 175 miles south of Africa’s Cabo Verde Islands and was moving northwestward. It was expected to strengthen […]

Tropical Storm Kate Forms in the Atlantic

Residents of the Louisiana coast investigate the aftermath of damage hurricane Ida landed and a day later Tropical Storm Julian Forming and rapidly falling Tropical Storm Kate formed over the Atlantic Ocean on Monday, making it the 11th storm of a heavy hurricane season. NS said the National Hurricane Center Tropical Storm Kate would have […]

Tropical Storm Julian Forms in the Atlantic

Another piece of land on the east coast of the Mexican mainland, at least eight people died. And Henri formed as a tropical storm off the East Coast of the United States on August 16. Strengthened to a Category 1 hurricane, but previously downgraded disembark in Rhode Islandsaved the region from the worst predicted. It […]

Tropical Storm Henri Forms in the Atlantic

An already active day in Atlantic hurricane season, Tropical Storm Henri formed on Monday off the East Coast of the United States and Tropical Storm Fredlanded in the Florida Panhandle in the afternoon and Tropical Depression GraceIt landed in Haiti, complicating search and rescue efforts. strong earthquake He killed hundreds of people on Saturday morning. […]

How Did a Gecko From Africa Cross the Atlantic Ocean?

If you see a lizard climbing the side of a house in Florida or in Central or South America closer to the equator, there’s a good chance it’s an African house lizard, Hemidactylus mabouia. Small and brown, the African house lizard is now common in the Western Hemisphere. However, the gecko originated in Southeast Africa […]