Russia Was Behind Cyber ​​Attack Until Ukraine War, Investigation

Officials in the United States and Ukraine have long believed that Russia was responsible For the cyber-attack on Viasat, but had not officially “linked” the incident to Russia. While US officials drew conclusions long ago, they wanted European countries to take the lead, as the attack had significant repercussions in Europe, but not in the […]

Russia hacked an American satellite company an hour before the attack.

Guerrero-Saade, who has been at the forefront of AcidRain research, says AcidRaid is more of a multi-purpose weapon where previous malware used by Russians has been narrowly targeted. “What worries AcidRaid greatly is that they have removed all security checks,” he says. “With previous wipers, the Russians were wary of running it only on certain […]

Ukraine Says It Prevented An Advanced Russian Cyber ​​Attack

Ukrainian officials stressed that the attackers may have hacked into the power company’s systems in early February, but some details of the attack are not yet known, including how the attackers got into the company’s systems. Authorities refused to disclose the company damaged by the breach and the area where its substations are located, citing […]

How Is America Monitoring the Nuclear Attack?

In late February, Russian President Vladimir V. Putin declaration America’s surveillance equipment is on high alert that its country’s nuclear weapons are in “special combat readiness.” Hundreds of imaging satellites and other private and federal spacecraft began searching for signs of increased activity among Russia’s bombers, missiles, submarines and storage bunkers with thousands of nuclear […]

Methane Spills Attack New Mexico Oil and Gas Wells

Surprisingly large amounts of methane are leaking from wells and pipelines in New Mexico, suggesting that the oil and gas industry may be contributing more to climate change than previously known, according to a new analysis of weather data. The study, by researchers at Stanford University, estimates that oil and gas operations in New Mexico’s […]

Microsoft Launches Attraction Attack To Pass Activision Agreement

Microsoft on Wednesday launched a lure attack in Washington to seek government approval for the $70 billion deal. buy video game company Activision BlizzardHe said that he would not grant privileges to his own games in app stores. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella and chairman Brad Smith said at a press conference in Washington that they […]

Suspected drone attack in Abu Dhabi kills 3, injures 6

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) – A suspected drone attack YemenHouthi rebels targeting a key oil facility in Abu Dhabi killed three people and started a separate fire. Abu DhabiPolice said he was at the international airport on Monday. in the police United Arab Emirates He determined that the dead were two Indian nationals and […]

Microsoft discloses malware attack on Ukrainian government networks

BOSTON — Microsoft said late Saturday that dozens of computer systems in an unspecified number of Ukrainian government agencies were infected with devastating malware disguised as ransomware, a statement suggesting a notable falsification attack on official websites was a diversion. The extent of the damage was not immediately clear. The attack comes as a threat […]

Ransomware attack on tech platform Finalsite corrupts 5,000 schools

Ransomware joins winter storms and coronavirus scares on a list of problems that have already disrupted schools across the country in the new year. Finalsite, a school website services platform, was hit by a ransomware attack earlier this week. The platform said on Twitter on Tuesday that its security team has detected ransomware on certain […]

TV station owner Sinclair hit with ransomware attack, news feeds

television station owner Sinclair He said on Monday that a ransomware attack had disrupted his network, interfering with news broadcasts on the company’s 185 stations over the weekend. According to reports, some news feeds have been pushed to social media platforms, with viewers complaining that they are having trouble watching regularly scheduled shows. Sinclair said […]