San Francisco 49ers attacked by ransomware ahead of Super Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers are victims of a cyberattack and the BlackByte ransomware gang claims responsibility. The timing of the attack on an NFL franchise in California prior to the start of the Super Bowl in Los Angeles is likely no coincidence, according to Brett Callow, a threat analyst for anti-virus software company Emsisoft. Mr. […]

Virginia General Assembly IT agency attacked by ransomware

RICHMOND — State officials said Monday that the information technology agency that serves Virginia’s legislature has been hit by a ransomware attack that significantly impacted its operations. Alena Yarmosky, spokesperson for Governor Ralph Northam, confirmed the attack on Virginia’s Legislative Automated Systems Division. In a brief statement to The Associated Press, Yarmosky said the governor […]

Bees Make This “Screaming” Sound When Attacked by Hornets

Bees scream with their bodies, not their mouths. When giant hornets approach and threaten their colony, Asian honey bees lift their bellies high and run with their wings trembling. The noise can sound eerily like a human scream. In an article published Wednesday in the journal Royal Society Open ScienceResearchers identify the Asian honey bee’s […]

Disabled teacher attacked in ‘slap teacher’ challenge on TikTok, police

COVINGTON, L. – On Thursday, a disabled high school teacher was attacked by a student after a TikTok challenge went viral, according to police. Police arrested 18-year-old Larrianna Jackson, who was charged with assaulting a teacher in Louisiana. Ms. Jackson on Thursday at St. He remained in Tammany Prison. The name of the injured teacher, […]