7 people arrested in global operation to catch cyber attackers

European authorities announced on Monday that seven hacking suspects have been arrested since February in a global law enforcement effort on cyberattacks called Operation GoldDust. Romanian authorities arrested two people allegedly responsible for the deployment last week REvil Obtaining ransomware and more than $577,000 in ransom payments, according to Europol. The other three suspects REvil […]

Methods of ransomware gangs match state-sponsored attackers as attacks

According to cybersecurity researchers, ransomware gangs use similar methods to government-sponsored cyber-attackers and have focused their targeting on more lucrative potential victims. As ransomware gangs hit prominent victims like a pipeline company and food manufacturers in the first six months of 2021, the cybersecurity company Trend Micro He said he has observed cyber-attackers becoming more […]

‘Reminiscent of the Obama administration’: Cyber ​​attackers ignore Joe

President Bidenspeak out against cyber attacks Russia Cybersecurity experts say it hasn’t stopped ransomware and hackers from hitting the US. Mr. Biden He said US critical infrastructure is prohibited for Russia-based attackers and has repeatedly warned Russian President Vladimir Putin to take action against cyber-attackers. The efforts did not provide an observable deterrent, he said. […]

Predators of cyber attackers oppose cunning ransomware gangs

According to a cybersecurity expert who published a report on ransomware gangs, ransomware attacks are like a multi-level marketing plan executed by criminals whose allegiances change in response to changing incentives that involve costs and profits. Early access brokers sell backdoors that provide a foothold within networks to ransomware gangs that hold data and systems […]