Rubio calls for more attention to China’s rise in Latin America

MIAMI (AP) — Sen. Marco Rubio As Russia, another US rival, swings its sword in the region amid rising geopolitical tensions over Ukraine, Biden urges the administration to pay more attention to China’s growing influence in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Florida Republican, as a senior member of the Latin American foreign affairs subcommittee, […]

Russian aggression draws attention to NATO’s limitations

Russia’s military advance into Ukraine has thrown a harsh light on the Biden administration’s biggest foreign policy crisis yet, and on the importance of NATO as a pro-democracy European security alliance that can further curb Russian aggression in the region. This is a test that comes after years of criticism when former President Trump faced […]

Privacy law stalled in Congress, lawmakers turn their attention to

Data privacy legislation loses momentum Congress Despite bilateral support for developing new laws to protect Americans. MPs passed at least 30 laws CongressBut none of the legislation comes close to the finish line, according to the International Association of Privacy Professionals. The policy of by-elections, where a consensus could not be reached on which bills […]